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Anonymous said: Have you thought about having a page on the FH Tumblr with a list of all the mods' usernames? Just cause it might be easier to access for some ppl.

Is the site really that hard to access? There is an up to date staff list right in the main menu bar of the main site.


Anonymous said: Is swearing allowed in bios? I've seen it quite a few times before but idk

As stated in the official game rules themself:

"Keep Appropriate Language And Behavior
This game is aimed towards a wide user-base of all ages and therefore you must keep the language and other behavior to an appropriate level that works for everyone. Swearing inside of the public chats is NOT allowed or encouraged by anyone. Even if you censor your writings and they still represent an obvious curse/swear you might get warned/kicked/banned instantly upon notice, this is because we want to keep FeralHeart a friendly place for the majority.”

Therefore no swearing is not allowed in the bios & neither is any other form of inappropriate content such as suggestive themes etc. The bios are as much as a public section as is the chat so whatever can be seen by the mass of users should not contain any inappropriate material. In the future if you see users with inappropriate content in their bios take screenshots and send us a report. Users who disrespect these rules will face repercussions.


Anonymous said: where are all the old staff at now? like wolffox and lordsameth and bigskippy and crin and ramine and all them?

Hi Hi! I am Lordsameth! I am here! Hi!

I personally left the staff because I have some very serious medical conditions and I kept landing in hospital. It’s hard to be reliable when I am so sick all the time, so I stepped down to reduce stress during my recovery.

The others have left the staff for their own personal reasons. Like a regular business, staff come and go. It’s a very normal thing for staff to cycle with any type of thing.


Hey! This is Crin, and like Sam, I technically still exist. We all do - we just rarely touch this blog, some less than others.

I left staff due to stress related to work and school - like Sam said, sometimes that makes it hard to be reliable staff, so I figured it was probably best to step down. At some point I was intending on coming back, and never really did.

I’m still around this blog occasionally, usually posting things going on in the community that slip the minds of the other current staff helping to run the tumblr, answering asks that sit around in our ask box for weeeeeks because no one gets around to answering them, etc.

We all mostly do our own thing now. In most cases, a majority of the staff you listed is extremely busy with work, college, or both.


Anonymous said: oh so can i get my bunny slipper items now its been over a year and i want them plz update the game i want my bunny slippers

Since nobody else seems to want to answer: I’m sorry friendo, bunny slippers still aren’t here yet. Sorry you’ve been waiting since… December 17, 2012!


Anonymous said: if your lets say, wanted to make a extra account for your friend when registration was open, could you? My friend and i are waiting for one and i was wondering if i get in i could make her a account. also i saw these feral heart account give away's on youtube is that not allowed? or at least not recommended ? :P

Well, you could but it’s not recommended since it comes with risks such as being banned yourself, if your friend was to ever get banned. So, giving away accounts over Youtube is allowed but highly discouraged. ^^

Going along with what Genny has stated, we encourage your friend as well as anyone else to read this notice before they consider using accounts they find online: http://www.feral-heart.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&Itemid=2&jfile=index.php&topic=32353.0 -LordSuragaha
Anonymous said: Why wouldn't you secretly hire mods? If nobody knows that someone is a mod then said mod would be able to observe misbehaving users and ban them without anyone else knowing they didn't just lose connection. That being said, the majority of stuff going on in bonfire is far beyond things that someone would get kicked for. Warnings could be sent via whisper, without any mention of the mod being a mod.

Because that’s just now how we do it. Players should know who the mods are, we want to be friendly, known faces, not mysterious shadowy figures where people are constantly guessing and/or making assumptions about.


I’ll also add that the presence of secret mods will cause an increase in people pretending to be mods and putting people in bad situations. Back in my mod days I saw a lot of users afraid to approach the mod team when they were concerned if the person claiming to be a mod was a real mod. If the mods are posted out in the open, people can feel a little bit safer.


Anonymous said: Why are you blogging when you should be banning rapists on Bonfire Island?

Why are you asking us when you could be reporting them?


Anonymous said: A less well-known mod would be one who is either really new to the team, or was secretly hired to mod the specific map.

Well we don’t have anyone TOTALLY new (Vesp would be the newest) and we don’t secretly hire mods.


Anonymous said: As a old FH blogger I think you need to tell the new ones that we don't have any privileges in game. It seems some think we are exempt from the rules? It really makes no sense.

^ What they said


Anonymous said: I think you guys should send a less well-known staff member to Bonfire Island...whenever a well-known mod is there, everyone stops breaking the rules once they get into nametag range.

Who would be a less known mod? ;O


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