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thedeadlyfangirl said: I once heard that reg. opens every 2 hours- is this true?

False rumor. Registration opens at random, approximately once per 24 hour period, sometimes more or less.

Anything suggesting anything other than random (opens “early in the morning,” “late at night,” “once every 2 hours,” “only once a week,” or anything of the like) is false speculation. We’re not sure where people are getting it from, honestly. D:
As we always say, if you want to catch registration open, you’ve gotta check into the forum every hour or so when you’re online (but goodness me, do not stay up until the crack of dawn every night for a week to do it!), and you will find it open if you persist. We also post whenever a staff member catches it open. We hope this helps!


We’ve got all the news for the latter half of summertime, and what’s coming up for the rest of the Autumn season~ Come check it out here!

~News Highlights~
o Upcoming FH Halloween Party on October 25th at 5pm EST
o Halloween Preset Contest Submissions are Open until October 24th
o New Forum Ranking Colors
o Members of the Season
o Including a little note for our Tumblr followers—Feel free to submit shout-outs to your favorite FH-themed artists!

All of this and much more in our Autumn News Update for 2014. Thanks for reading, and a great Autumn Season from the FH Staff!

I just woke up and noticed it so I’m not sure how long it’s already been open for. Hurry hurry!

~Lord Suragaha

Right now! Hurry peoples!

~Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: hello staff i really want a feral heart and i been meaning to ask you when does it open at and does it open ever day or once a week or one a day and does it open like in the morning at 5:00 am or not

It’s been said numerous times before that the registration opens at random. That means it can open at any day and any hour. We can’t tell you an exact time that it opens because there is none and we don’t even know ourselves unless we’re lucky enough to catch it ourselves. I’ve posted on here every time I’ve had the luck of spotting it open and each time it’s been at a different hour. Sometimes I’ve caught registration open at night, sometimes the afternoon, and sometimes the morning. There are even occasions where it has opened twice in one day. It’s really not something you can predict but I can assure you that it opens fairly often so just keep your eyes peeled. We look forward to having you in our community once you finally do make an account. Keep checking the site every chance you get and good luck until then!

~Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: Guys, why do the moderators have an orange nickname in "Users Online"? Is that connected with Halloween? I know that staff members usually have blue name. Just curious.

Forum updates! c:

We’re doing it so the staffer names match the forum theme a bit better, put simply. Admins remained red, global mods are a burned sienna/brown-ish orange color, moderators are orange, and I believe MITs (whenever we select new ones) will be bright yellow. It should be permanent.

Just making things look pretty and flow a bit nicer, basicaly. c:


Anonymous said: The registration is open! Just noticed. Btw, have you contacted Kovu before about his leaving and the game? I'm really sorry, if this question, hurts you guys somehow, I'm terrified too, that Kovu left like this. Love you, staff.

Registration is open! :D (10-14-2014) Good catch, dear~

And, well, staff have been trying to contact KovuLKD since January of 2012 since he left. He’s still kicking around out there somewhere in the big interwebs, but he will not speak to the staff, nor has he asked anything of FH since this moment. We’ve only been met with silence for years, now.

We’re really hoping someday he’ll come around—not to come back and work on FH if he doesn’t really want to (it’d be ideal to have the source code so current staff may care for and update the game properly, but he by no means has to stay here if he doesn’t desire it), but we really do wish that he would at least give us some sort of word. It’s just taking accountability for one’s own actions, put simply. The game’s still here, so are the staff that maintain it, and so is the community that looks up to him, so..
No worries asking about it, though. It is a matter that affects us all, even if it isn’t the cheeriest thing in the world. We’re happy to answer your questions. ^^”

But we love you too, dearie. c:


Right now!

~Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: Hi staff. If perhaps, a moderator is overusing their power, should they be reported? Nothing has happened, just a mere question just in case it does happen. Thank you.

Certainly. We’re very picky about our staff members, and though we don’t foresee any such issues from our current staff at the moment, we would like you to come to us if you suspect foul play. If you do believe a staff member is abusing their powers, please do come to one of the administrators (myself [WhiteLightHeart] or Redlinelies), and explain the situation. Provide screenshots and links to threads, etc., since we always need evidence to support a report.


24hoursinhell said: Your game is amazing. I really appreciate you guys updating when the registration is open. It really helps us a lot. I'd like to thank the staff for being amazing and overall, wonderful people to the users of FeralHeart. Thank you!

AHHH YOU ARE SO SWEET— *melts into a puddle*

Thank you, dearie. We really do try our best to make FH a better place for you guys, and it means a lot that you guys can see it, too. <3


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