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Anonymous said: Has any of the staff heard/played Call Of Duty?

Oh yeah!!! Who doesn’t know of COD really? One of my favorites is World at War although they’re all pretty exciting games.

~Lord Suragaha

I know of COD, but my most experience playing it was sitting at a friend’s house about a year ago, running around intentionally trying to make everybody else mess up (because goodness knows I wasn’t a formidable opponent on my own). They didn’t let me play after a few minutes. |D


Anonymous said: I just created an account (I was able to catch the registration time after just one day of waiting! Yay!) and I went to activate it through my E-Mail...but it doesn't let me do it. It leads me to another site that says 403 - Access Forbidden. What should I do about it?

Try sending an email to activate@feral-heart.com from the email that you registered the account for. The account should then be activated anywhere from a few hours or possibly in a day or two. Just be patient.

~Lord Suragaha

Thanks to this anon for catching it. Hurry before it closes again guys!

~Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: There should be an arrival tag that says A MOD HAS ENTERED every time a mod comes into a map. What do you think?

Nah, it wouldn’t really work well in the long run. I foresee two things happening if this were the case:
1.) Rule-breakers would be able to hide their bad behavior from us more easily if they knew when we showed up in the maps.
2.) Users would flock around staff quite a bit more, as soon as we showed up again, pointing out our exact location in the maps. This would again give away our position to rule-breakers, who could just watch for when we leave, and continue to act up once they see us leave.

Not that it’s a bad thing to know when staff are around, but we do often rely on being inconspicuous when watching for rule-breakers. Plus, staff don’t need a big announcement as soon as they enter the map. Ideally, our major role is to sit back and quietly monitor the chats and behavior. We blend in with every other user (since we are just normal users, when you get down to it), only showing our position of authority if we need to round up some rule-breakers.


Anonymous said: Registration do not open your all liers!


~Lord Suragaha

*You’re *Liars, and you’re missing a comma. Please check your grammar before sending formal complaints and serious accusations.


Anonymous said: Some say bad things about Feral-Heart staff and KovuLKD. Is it true that you hate KovuLKD?

We do not hate KovuLKD at all. It would be very ridiculous if we did. Anyone who suggests otherwise is foolish and most likely seeking to stir trouble. Neither KovuLKD or the other FH staff deserve to be spoken poorly of. Everyone has done what they can with the best intentions for the game and its community.

I speak for myself when I say that I am slightly disappointed by how KovuLKD did some things before he left. Does that mean I hate him? No of course not. While we respect his choice to leave the community if he no longer wanted to work with the game or was too busy etc I do think that it would have been nice if he would have made an official statement about his decision. Given how loyal and large of a fan base that his games have created it would have been courteous of him to say a nice farewell and perhaps thank all those who have supported and enjoyed his work all this time. He could have also politely stated that he no longer wished to work with the game etc. By simply leaving without any word he made himself seem irresponsible and selfish to most of the community. Many users still hope for updates & bug/glitch fixes that may never come. Out of thanks and respect to his loyal fan base I think that an official leaving notice was the least he could have done.

Bottom line is though: No one among the FH staff hates KovuLKD. KovuLKD left out of his own choice. The door to our community is and has always remained open for him to return. He is the creator of FH after all but it is his choice whether he wishes to return or not and everyone should be mature enough to respect that and not trash talk him for it. We FH staff continue to work with the game in his absence to preserve what he worked hard to create. Like any other users we too love FH and KovuLKD’s work.

~Lord Suragaha

ducttapeddoorwayy said: This may be an absurd question but I'm curious. How did you disable General without the source cide?

Razmirz was able to disable the general chat without the source code because it isn’t needed for that particular sort of content. Razmirz has the server code and thus by changing the server code he was able to remove the general chat from the public maps.

~Lord Suragaha

For example, when you type the word “hello” into a chat, and press Enter, it sends a command to the server to send “hello” into whatever chat it’s programmed to send it to.
This said, Raz basically re-routed the server command from public General chats to send them to Local, instead.
Since Raz has the server code (but not the game code), he is able to optimize and update some of the back-end functions on the server, including user limits in maps (how many people are allowed in one map at a time before you get bad tokens), etc. It’s also why you didn’t have to download anything when the change to General was made.


Anonymous said: Can u add a sheath for male? I promise it is not for mating but so people stop putting the M or F in the name.:) :)

I’m not exactly sure even having that option in the game would prevent people from putting the M/F tags in their name, really. Either way, we aren’t able to add new features to the game without the game’s source code, unfortunately.
I do think the Pawsome items pack has a wearable item like that, though oddly enough.


Anonymous said: When is the registration open?

When it is not closed.

- Lordsameth

Anonymous said: If a whole bunch of users who are sick of the constant rule-breaking outside of Fluorite Plains surrounded a staff member in-game and peacefully demanded that more moderators be hired specifically for each map without breaking any rules, what would be done about it?

I fail to see how mobbing around a staff member and demanding things is peaceful.

You asked what would be done if some of you decided to do this and basically the answer is that the same thing we already do is what will be done about it.

It takes a lot of trust to select the right kind of people to become moderators. No matter how much mobbing you guys do this will not change that nor will it speed up the process. It is apparent that we need more moderators. We always will need more moderators. We are constantly keeping an eye open for potential new staff but users don’t always meet all the requirements. For one age is a major factor and most users are quite young here. On top of that the user needs to be fairly active in game and on site since a moderator’s job consists of both game & site work. The user should also genuinely be devoted to the community and making it a better place. Other factors we consider is their ability to stay active, involved, trustworthy, patient, friendly, helpful, and fairly knowledgeable of the basics of the game. If users needed help with trouble shooting, glitches, presets, etc the potential moderator needs to have some experience.

For these reasons and many others is why moderator material users are so hard to come by. We appreciate that you guys want to help this community to stay safe and friendly but understand that we are aware of the need for more moderators and that we don’t need to be mobbed to know this. If you guys really wish to help us you can do so by reporting the rule breakers.

~Lord Suragaha

Harassing a mod IS breaking rules.

I’d start kicking, and banning. If you’re mobbing a mod you’re preventing them from doing their job and that is NOT ok.


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