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Anonymous said: Do you guys like Michael jackson?

RIP, Ringo

Anonymous said: Do you think you could fly if you tried hard enough? I tried but it didn't end out so well C: P.S I'm bored that's why i'm asking... :3

Just get on a plane


ducttapeddoorwayy said: -Gives candy-


berrymuttbb said: Wow now I can see you guys screaming at webcams instead of typing hehe. The feralheart help section scream at your webcam for people who need help contest?

Sounds like an… interesting contest. Don’t think we’ll hold that one. xD


Anonymous said: Yes hello it's Ava I have returned yes Ringo how are you

Oh hello I am pretty good, tired from my gym workout today.


berrymuttbb said: I'm guessing you all saw the video below? Man like one hour later and I'm still laughing. Have you ever noticed how many "plz halp my fh" videos there are on YouTube like really? Can they not do some research on the game forums and not make videos for Kov when he won't even watch them. Lol the videos amuse me someone....I'm such A great help to those who need help with FeralHeart. -snorts- not.

It’s great because now you guys can also see what we literally hear every day, just usually typed out instead of screamed at a webcam.


Anonymous said: Have you guys seen the Dear kov, creator of farel heart video on youtube? ITS GOLD

…I just watched it. Oh my god. I’m crying this is so good


i’m like crying stab me witH A SpO RK


Anonymous said: Even if we don't have Kovu.. Why wouldn't any of you consider someone to hack and get the source code, it would do us all good. It would please many players

I don’t think you understand that we can’t just “get” the source code. “Hacking” the game doesn’t give you that, it’s not in the game, Kov has it. Also, hacking the game would be extremely controversial (we’d have people yelling at us “How are u hack kov’s game its HIS leave it alone), and frankly unfair to the game creator. Like I said, it is his game and his choice and there isn’t anything we can do about it.


Anonymous said: Kov needs to get off their ass and work on fucking feralplay

Like I said, it is his choice whether or not he returns to the game. He does not “need” to do anything. We would be excited to see a return of updates to the game, like all users, but unfortunately it is not in our power and there isn’t a need to be rude to him. He can do as he chooses. It may not be the choice I or anyone else wants, but it is ultimately his.


Anonymous said: You can still improve graphics though. That doesn't require the source.

Well, none of us are really graphic designers. Some people can make textures and stuff, and even if we did all make stuff, we could still only release it as a mod, there’s no way we could make people download it like a patch.


actually i do believe it’s possible for us to release it as an official patch; perhaps raz can implement something into the server system to tell users to download the latest graphics patch.

of course this is all left up to the staff team to decide. but there are several users out there who make plenty of quality texture mods and skins, as well as graphics mods that enhance the lighting and other features of the game itself, so i encourage you to look and see what the community itself has to offer!


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