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Anonymous said: Why can't you just schedule times for the registration to be open?

That would defeat the purpose of it being random??? Also do you know how many messages we would get saying “i cant get on at that time im only allowed on the computer from 6-8pm!!!!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!”


Anonymous said: when i can register in the feral heart i amtired of waiting :(

Darling dearie, as we’ve said many times before,

Registration opens several times a week, if not daily. You’ve gotta keep a close eye on it, check into the website several times a day (not just once a day or once a week), and you will find it open soon. Be persistent!

Hundreds of users still make new accounts each month, so we promise that you’ll get a chance to make your account if you keep your eyes peeled.

Another tip: Have your username (16 characters or less!), password (16 characters or less!), and email all ready to go before you try to register.

We hope to see you online soon~ (Read the rules before playing, too!)


Because questions about registration still needs a gif.


Anonymous said: What if... You hired undercover mods.

They would… Still have to be individuals we trust, and know would use their powers and uphold responsibilities appropriately.

We’re always searching for new moddies, don’t get me wrong, but these individuals would still have to show their upright intentions, be role models in the community, be level-headed, well-spoken, and show potential as caretakers of FH long before they’re considered as staff (public or undercover). So it wouldn’t really do too much to speed up the hiring process, if that was your intention.

Good question, though~

Anonymous said: Rule on cursing, Alright, the rules say no cursing. And seems to be more like; No cursing; PERIOD. So what is considered a curse word? Like, if you say "What the heck" instead of "what the hell" is the former OK? & on censoring, aren't WTH and WTF (ect) against the rules? (Also damn has been used a lot often and no one seems to care much.)

This one certainly can be a fluid topic, and is often viewed in a case-by-case basis, rather than having a rigid set of this=that. Generally, though, if you have to think about whether or not it is appropriate, it’s probably best not to say it at all. You can always double-check with a staff member about that word/topic specifically if you’re unsure, though. We’re happy to answer questions.

As for “What the heck/hell,” those are never really considered much of a concern. Heck in itself is nothing. Hell, like hellhounds, or the place/concept of hell is seen commonly, and while it might be a stronger word (like crap, for example), it’s not rule-breaking. WTH also applies here. The only time it would be inappropriate would be if someone told another user to “Go to hell,” which is bullying. No-go.

WTF is more borderline, due to its typical use, but not necessarily anything I’d personally jump on at first glance. Lmfao or Idfc fall into a similar category, in the fact that we’re assuming you mean something like “fudge” or something that’s not a swear. It’s just not entirely clear. If a staff member does see it as inappropriate (often this has to do with context), though, at most it would receive a warning.
If you were to spell out F*** or even censor (like I did here), that would make it clear what you were saying, and then it would be rule-breaking.
Just be careful with how you use it, but one “wtf” slipping probably won’t do much harm.

"Damn," "damned," are borderline words. Nothing you’d get a stiff ban over or anything, but I know I personally have my eyes drawn to users who use this a lot—they may be using stronger language other than just that. If it slips once, it’s not all that bad, but if you’re caps-locking it all over the chats and abusing this word, then you’ll probably be asked/warned to cool it off.

Again, swearing usually goes on a case-by-case basis, since language and its use, intentions, etc., are not cut-and-dry. If you do have questions about specific words, though, it’s best to check with a staff member, and we’ll be happy to give you the Go or No-go.


Thanks to Razmirz the minor server issues encountered earlier should now be resolved. The site should be up and running back to normal now everyone. Thank you all for your patience.


For those of you who may have noticed the FH website acting up (giving 503 Errors or asking you to download index code), this is only a glitch that happens once in a while. The server master, Razmirz, has been notified, and you can expect the issue to be fixed within the next few hours. Until then, rest easy that the website is safe and secure, but just acting up a bit. We ask that you remain patient in the meantime. We’ll be sure to update you once the site is back up and working well again.

-Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: You probably know this, but is the FH site hacked? I talked to many users and it says it is a 503 error, also it "downloads" the site. Just letting you know.

The site isn’t hacked, just bugged. It happens unfortunately. Razmirz has been made aware and will be working on it.

- Lordsameth.

Anonymous said: Have you thought about having a page on the FH Tumblr with a list of all the mods' usernames? Just cause it might be easier to access for some ppl.

Is the site really that hard to access? There is an up to date staff list right in the main menu bar of the main site.


Anonymous said: Is swearing allowed in bios? I've seen it quite a few times before but idk

As stated in the official game rules themself:

"Keep Appropriate Language And Behavior
This game is aimed towards a wide user-base of all ages and therefore you must keep the language and other behavior to an appropriate level that works for everyone. Swearing inside of the public chats is NOT allowed or encouraged by anyone. Even if you censor your writings and they still represent an obvious curse/swear you might get warned/kicked/banned instantly upon notice, this is because we want to keep FeralHeart a friendly place for the majority.”

Therefore no swearing is not allowed in the bios & neither is any other form of inappropriate content such as suggestive themes etc. The bios are as much as a public section as is the chat so whatever can be seen by the mass of users should not contain any inappropriate material. In the future if you see users with inappropriate content in their bios take screenshots and send us a report. Users who disrespect these rules will face repercussions.


Anonymous said: where are all the old staff at now? like wolffox and lordsameth and bigskippy and crin and ramine and all them?

Hi Hi! I am Lordsameth! I am here! Hi!

I personally left the staff because I have some very serious medical conditions and I kept landing in hospital. It’s hard to be reliable when I am so sick all the time, so I stepped down to reduce stress during my recovery.

The others have left the staff for their own personal reasons. Like a regular business, staff come and go. It’s a very normal thing for staff to cycle with any type of thing.


Hey! This is Crin, and like Sam, I technically still exist. We all do - we just rarely touch this blog, some less than others.

I left staff due to stress related to work and school - like Sam said, sometimes that makes it hard to be reliable staff, so I figured it was probably best to step down. At some point I was intending on coming back, and never really did.

I’m still around this blog occasionally, usually posting things going on in the community that slip the minds of the other current staff helping to run the tumblr, answering asks that sit around in our ask box for weeeeeks because no one gets around to answering them, etc.

We all mostly do our own thing now. In most cases, a majority of the staff you listed is extremely busy with work, college, or both.


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