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You know what that means.
(Other than pumpkin spice latte selfies, that is).

Let’s get ready for the FeralHeart Halloween Party 2014!

We’ve got music with DJ Flob, we’ve got a wonderfully frightful party map made by our own Lord Suragaha, and we hope to see ALL of you at our annual Halloween Party~!

Being a particularly preset-friendly event, as well, we’re even collecting presets submitted to us to be put up for download alongside our event map once we get closer to the event. This way, everyone will be able to see your preset at the party!

We hope to see you there, and be sure to spread the word about the party on October 25th!

Advertising Link: www.tinyurl.com/hallowparty2014


imageIt’s voting time!

Our Finalists:

Congrats to all who were nominated, and we hope you’ll join us in our Voting Thread to choose our Autumn Members of the Season~!

Polls close on October 5th, so get in there soon!

We’ve got 5 days left to vote! Be sure to come on in and put in your votes if you haven’t already. As always, the best to all nominees, and may the most deserving and exemplary ferals win the title of our Autumn Members of the Season!

Submissions are Open until October 24th!

Come show off your preset-making skills and creativity in our autumn installment of the FeralHeart Preset Contest!
What’s the theme, you may ask?
It really is a Free-For-All!

With no set theme, we’re hoping to see a wide variety of different presets this time around. All are welcome to join, whether you’re fresh to the presetting scene, or an old pro~

Come learn how to enter here, and we look forward to seeing your wonderful presets!

moonfangfh said: Its really hard to make friends, like, people ignore me or just act like i'm not there. What did I ever do to them? D:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through that. I highly doubt it’s your fault though. Sometimes making friends can be a little tricky especially when others have been around long enough to establish themselves well into their own particular groups & niches. Chances are that you just haven’t met the right people yet. It took me quite some time before I found myself my own close group of friends on FH. Even though I’ve had my fair share of awkward encounters that never led to friendship I never let it discourage me from trying. Just continue to be friendly, out going, and open minded and I’m sure you’ll find yourself in pleasant company soon enough. Sometimes the weirdest and or silliest encounters end up blossoming into the greatest friendships so keep your head up and heart open. I wish you the best. Also feel free to join up with me if you ever catch me in game. I’d be more than happy to derp about with you :)

~Lord Suragaha

Just noticed it again so I’m not sure how long it’s already been open. Hurry hurry!

~Lord Suragaha

This is the second time today. Since I just noticed it I’m not exactly sure how long it’s already been open now.

~Lord Suragaha

Anonymous said: The registration is open again! Two times in one day, yey! Happy first official day of Autumn, dear FH Staff. <3

Wow, good eye! It certainly is. 9-23-14, second time today!

Just today alone, we’ve had 162 new accounts register. How many more do ya think will register this evening? If you’re looking to make an account, go ahead and head over to the website quickly!

And, thank you for the Autumn wishes, Anon. c; <3


Anonymous said: The registration is open! I wanted to ask, that if there will be other events? Like the Summer Party, Halloween, etc..

Ohey, we just posted about registration being open. Thanks!

And, of course we’ll be having other events. c: Ideally, we shoot for having three to four in-game parties or events each year, mostly corresponding to seasons and/or major holidays.
That said, keep your eyes peeled for forum announcements~ x3 You may be hearing about the next ones in line sooner than ya think.


(That’s “Registration is Open" in the I-haven’t-had-any-coffee-this-morning dialect.)


And on another note, happy first official day of Autumn!

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