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Anonymous said: A sort of trade-in, yeah. For instance if I had a user similar to 1madeupname22, and wanted something different because I no longer wanted to go by that User. Perhaps a sort of change ability or as said, deletion with the ability to use the e-mail you signed up with. Sorry if this isn't coming out clear enough!

I mean, I know you can ask one of the admins to change your username, but from what I’ve heard you need a really good reason.


Anonymous said: If you were wanting a fresh start: Deletion of previous User for a new one for example, would that be doable some how?

Not really sure what you’re asking. Are you saying you’d basically “trade in” an old account for a new one? I don’t really know how that could work. It’s an interesting idea though, honestly. I kind of like it. Not sure if it would be possible, though.


Anonymous said: Why is it that you will ban two accounts who are used by friends without any proof? It's obvious they have different IP addresses, or they could Skype one of the admins to show that they are different people, some people have to USE their friends account because registration rarely EVER opens

It’s not that we are personally banning two accounts—once you sign onto an account, you, your IP, and all of your accounts (aliases) are connected to that one. So, if one account gets banned, all of its aliases get banned to prevent banned users from simply logging into another’s account. Sorry that your friend is having trouble registering, but that’s the way it is.


Anonymous said: If someone had 2 accounts and they did not use the other one would it be alowed to give the extra to a irl friend? (of corse not for profit and the pw and email changed) jw

If you do that, and they get banned, you will be banned too. Do not lend out your accounts to other players and users if you want to stay clear from issues.


Anonymous said: Cake Or Pie?

I think you know.


(it’s pie)

Anonymous said: Ringo, BBY. What are you like one a normal basis? Clothes? Hobbies? Or are you like me? Someone who lays around all day eating and staring at your computer? ;P -soul

I mean I go to college so during the day I guess I’m a semi functioning college girl but as soon as I get back from class I do that


the-warriors-rekindled said: Potatoes.



Anonymous said: Do you guys like Michael jackson?

RIP, Ringo

Anonymous said: Do you think you could fly if you tried hard enough? I tried but it didn't end out so well C: P.S I'm bored that's why i'm asking... :3

Just get on a plane


ducttapeddoorwayy said: -Gives candy-


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